My name is Jordan, and I work with a cohort of excellent people.

Professionally, I have a rich history in the realm of software engineering and architecture. My experience spans over 15 years and includes the following interesting achievements:

  • Being the sole software developer for the kiosk system in the Watergate Wall exhibition in the Nixon Presidential Library & Museum
  • Working on the front-end UI, admin tool UI, and some of the back-end server piece of FedEx’s SenseAware service from the design phase through the first years of its production operation
  • Leading a consulting shop’s entire 12-person development team by providing mentorship, management, code review, and documentation of the team’s standards and best practices in addition to my development responsibilities
  • Working directly and closely with key individuals in both public and private post-secondary education accreditation governance organizations to craft bespoke functionality for their tenancies in EDvera, a SaaS which functions as their system-of-record for accreditation of the education institutions under their purview
  • Starting my own IT services firm (SandStorm IT) and growing it from two active part-time contributors to a vibrant and talented group of nearly two dozen full-time employees serving both the software and hardware needs of small-to-medium-sized businesses
  • Extending and supporting a suite of software to forecast labor demand and automatically schedule shifts for a 1000+ location retail chain
  • Architecting the design and managing the implementation of the middleware layer integrating the multi-point web/mobile point-of-sale ecommerce ecosystem and the multi-warehouse, BOPIS (buy online, pick up in store), BOSS (buy online, ship to store), and BOSFS (buy online, ship from store) ecosystem of that same 1000+ location retail chain to help deliver on the organization’s vision for a complete omnichannel fulfillment solution

In addition to my software endeavors, I do music production, video production, and performance with the following acts: Spotify Apple Bandcamp Twitch
MichaelK Spotify Apple Bandcamp  
Ashlinn Spotify Apple Bandcamp  
Etheria Spotify Apple Bandcamp Facebook

Some currently inactive but not necessarily abandoned bands/acts:

Alive Through Death Spotify Apple Bandcamp Inactive since 2004
Spellweaver Nothing Yet Bandcamp Inactive since about 2012 or 2013

Some of my former bands/acts:

Order of Týr 2006 - 2017 Spotify Bandcamp Live Performances
Arms of Goro 2005   Bandcamp