Jordan B. Sanders

Musician / Software Dude



First and foremost, I love understanding and creating software. I take the perspective that languages and tooling always come secondary to the implementation need.

I've been a software professional focusing on development since 2006; however, I've been working with software and web technologies since 1997 or so when I began making websites for bands for myself and my friends.

My primary languages are Ruby, Javascript, PHP, and Bash. Additionally, I have professional and personal experience with Python, Java, C#, Perl, and ColdFusion.

For frameworks, my current focus is on Rails, Sinatra, jQuery, Slim (PHP), and Laravel. I have experience with Spring, Backbone.js, Ember.js, ExtJS, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Flask, Django, Swiz, Cairngorm and Fusebox.

Feel free to check out my GitHub. My current projects are a multifunction chatbot called Synthia for use with my Twitch channel and a personal-use URL shortener called


As the Principal Consultant at SandStorm IT, I function as an enterprise architect, helping to translate customer needs it technical designs which can be used for implementation.

I take a long view of the systems I work on so as to ensure the best ability to both deliver the need at hand as swiftly as possible while also working to not hamstring the ability to rapidly bring future functionality online.

Cool Stuff to Check Out

Homeshick is a Bash reimplementation of the Ruby-based Homesick which is a great tool for the synchronization of system dotfiles across a plethora of machines. Homeshick allows us to drop the Ruby dependency for use on systems where we might not need to otherwise install Ruby.