My wife and I take a walk almost every day, and lately, those daily walks have been longer than usual. Oftentimes, we discuss the normal ephemera of life as well as some of our current joys and frustrations. We have our own brand of inside comedy as I suppose most couples do. One of the topics we joke about is the whole phenomenon of home decorations with short sayings on them (some good and some trite or passé). One such of these is the seemingly ubiquitous “Live. Laugh. Love.” Now, while the sentiment is nice and it’s always good to have a reminder of such things, it’s pretty hilarious how predictable it is to see.

The other day, I was in a reflective mood about the sort of state I wanted my life to be in. Immediately, patience and peace came to mind primarily because so much of my life has been an experience of inner anxiety or friction about trying to resolve my current focus so as to be able to pick up and address the next task as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is clearly a game which cannot persist forever, and I have lately been trying to actively thwart that sort of thinking or automatic behavior.

Once the “patience” and “peace” entered my mind, they were quickly followed by what I had always been hoping to achieve through my hurried antics which was prosperity (perhaps the alliterative nature helped with it coming to mind so quickly).

My wife happened to be in the room with me at the time, and I was relaying the “patience” and “peace” part to her just as “prosperity” hit my mind. I added that to my statement and the “Live. Laugh. Love.” reference was immediately apparent. I think we both had the thought at the same time, and we joked about how “Patience. Peace. Prosperity.” is our version of “Live. Laugh. Love.” to the point where she suggested that we actually get a sign of it for the house. It was a good idea, and I will have to follow up on getting one made.

The birth of that phrase was a good memory, and I believe having physical reminders of your purpose as well as those good memories are an important part of keeping yourself grounded in life, which is something I’ve been trying to do more of lately.